How it Works

Getting started with is quick and easy. Just browse through our store and purchase products as you would on any other Website.

After you have finished checkout there will be a big button that says "Get My Downloads." This button will take you to your "My Library" page where you can stream and download your programs using our easy one-click method.

Your Library:
You can always access your programs in your library, even after cancellation of a subscription. Just log in to our website, and click on the "My Library" link at the top of the page. You can access your downloads from any computer, anytime, anywhere. If you purchase a subscription, your programs will show up on the pre-determined delivery schedule, usually weekly.

Come back often and continue to browse our growing selection of programs which include fitness, personal growth, education and spirituality. Your new purchases will be added to your library, accessible anytime using the same login and password you originally created.

iTunes and RSS:
You can also get your subscriptions delivered directly to iTunes. Just click on the big iTunes button in your library. A link under that button will give you the actual RSS feed which you can copy and paste into any other media player or pod catching software.

Playing Your Downloads
Here are all of the ways that you can play your downloads:

Teleclasses, Printouts offers more than downloads. With Teleclasses and Printouts, we offer a personal experience:

Sorting Your Downloads
When visiting your library, your downloads can be sorted using a small dropdown menu in the middle of the page. To see all of your downloads, simply select "All" from the list.