Antonio Esfandiari's Aggressive Poker


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- Learn how to destroy your poker opposition
- Get skills to completely dominate the poker table
- See how to pressure your poker opponents until they crack

For a limited time only, the introductory tuition is ridiculously low: ONLY $10.95!

Poker superstar Antonio "the Magician" Esfandiari brings you this unprecedented course on what has made him a feared and respected pro: sheer aggression. With these ten downloads of Antonio's instruction, you will no longer be satisfied winning small amounts at the poker table. Your goal will be to destroy your opposition and completely dominate the table!

Product Information:

- Media Type: Video
- Number of Programs: 10
- Total Running Time: 20 min
- Average Running Time per Program: 2 min
- Format: MP4

With This Package You Get These Downloads:

- Image
- Aggression
- Tournament Aggression
- Position
- Betting Out
- Stealing
- Secret Formula
- Bobby Hough
- Tournament Stages
- Learning Aggression

Other Great Poker Downloads:

- Antonio's Top 12 Poker Tips now available for only $1.99
- Vegas, Baby, Vegas! now available for only $1.99

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Image 01:41
Aggression 04:24
Tournament Aggression 01:26
Position 01:10
Betting Out 01:34
Stealing 01:05
Secret Formula 02:17
Bobby Hough 01:07
Tournament Stages 03:17
Learning Aggression 01:59
Total Time 20:00