Golden Touch: Beat Blackjack


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BEAT BLACKJACK Using Speed Count and the New Optimum Basic Strategy!

Get a REAL EDGE at blackjack with NEW remarkably easy-to-learn-and-use SPEED COUNT and the NEW OPTIMUM BASIC STRATEGY. This video shows you how to easily get the edge over the casino, how to bet, and how to play your hands properly.
The instructor is Frank Scoblete, America's #1 best-selling gaming author and columnist, and the author of the best-selling book, Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution. Frank has over 30 years experience as an advantage blackjack player, and he shares his experience and knowledge with viewers of this video.
Watch a professional blackjack dealer dealing the cards on a regulation size blackjack table while Frank demonstrates the Speed Count and Optimum Basic Strategy. There are plenty of sessions where you can practice keeping the Speed Count under simulated casino playing conditions.
You will learn:

  • How to easily keep the Speed Count when the cards are dealt either face-up or face-down
  • At what point the edge shifts in your favor and how much to increase your bets
  • What bet spread you will need to beat the single-, double-, six-, and eight-deck games
  • What bankroll you will need
  • When to quit playing
  • When to take Insurance (or Even Money)
  • How to play your hands using the Optimum Basic Strategy
  • Which blackjack games you should play and which ones you should avoid
  • How to disguise your new skills
  • How to get more comps then you actually deserve


You will observe blackjack experts Henry Tamburin and Dominator using the Speed Count and Optimum Basic Strategy.

And More!

This video is what recreational blackjack players have been waiting for ... an incredibly simple technique to get the advantage over the casino.
Stop being a gambler! Become an advantage player with Speed Count and the Optimum Basic Strategy!

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Golden Touch: Beat Blackjack - Part 1 42:28
Golden Touch: Beat Blackjack - Part 2 38:43
Total Time 1:21:11