Phil Hellmuth's How to Win the World Series of Poker: Black Belt Course


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  • Learn how to be a winner from 11-time winner of the World Series of Poker
  • Strategies for every day and every aspect of the poker tournament
  • Take no prisoners as and advance No-Limit poker player

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If you've ever watched the World Series of Poker on TV, wondering how you could get in the big game and win, you need this amazing new course from 11-time World Series of Poker Champion, Phil Hellmuth. Going where no poker course has ever gone, Phil shares his strategy for winning at the WSOP so that you, too, can become a poker champion.

When you've got the poker skills down, making the move to fantastic tournament play is all about attitude, intentions, and how you handle the big pressure of the big games. Phil's course gets you to the starting line before you even arrive at the tournament, making sure you're prepared before the first card is dealt!

Once you're seated at the WSOP table, Phil helps you understand your motivations and the motivations of the people around you, guiding you to the focused energy needed to succeed. Learn how to approach the opening day, before and after the breaks, so that you make it to the second. Once you've made it to the money, Phil gets you through the tougher field of other seasoned players and wildcards so that you're the one making it to the final table. Play your cards right, and you can win it all!

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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs12


Program Title Duration
Tournament Intro 01:03
Tournament 1st Degree 04:36
Tournament 2nd Degree 05:21
Tournament 3rd Degree 06:23
Tournament 4th Degree 10:33
Tournament 5th Degree 10:28
Tournament 6th Degree 13:23
Tournament 7th Degree 07:35
Tournament 8th Degree 13:48
Tournament 9th Degree 08:59
Tournament 10th Degree 19:01
Tournament 11th Degree 12:22
Total Time 1:53:32